Thursday, November 27, 2008

They Bashed President Bush For Years - Do They Think Obama is Off Limits?

The Shrub Family have served our great state for coevals and yet the mass media and resistance powerfulness trashed them to no end? Why, because they were on the other side of the political spectrum. But now the tabular arrays have got got turned and many Republicans state that what's just for them is fair for us.

Of course, prudence would order that at some point we have to work together as a state and halt these tit-for-tat political fictional character assassinations. Still, in triumph the Obama protagonists are busy attacking President Shrub even though they have got won, attempting to fault him for everything including Continental Drift so when President-Elect Barrack Obama acquires into office, he'll look better?

Amazingly enough, Barrack Obama is going to have got to dwell up to his campaign's over embroidery of praseodymium and 700 million dollars worth of advertising. It is impossible for anyone to dwell up the "god like" base that have been set forth. And if the mass media ever makes bend on Barrack Obama, then he certainly will not be able to stay effectual.

After all, with the mass media and the resistance political party drive down President Bush's blessing ratings, it made his abilities to take a batch tougher, who loses? We all do, and he loses credibleness in his traffic with other states owed to our world-media domination taking these verbal onslaughts to the four-corners of the Earth.

So, should we give Obama a free-media ride? My ideas are; Absolutely Not! And allow me state you why. First, Obama have trashed President Shrub during this campaign, and President Shrub was not even running and to this twenty-four hours Obama's campsite is going to fault anything that travels incorrect on the anterior administration. Well, personally, we should not let this. In fact, we necessitate to harshly justice the Obama Administration with the same energy that President Bush's oppositions did, just is fair.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Republicans: Only for the rich

SIOUX city -- The McCain/Bush theory of trickle-down economicals have failed to construct a strong economy, and this past seven old age have proven that Republican politicians don't care. They are blatantly giving money to rich people, and we are letting them.Did you cognize that rich people who do all of their income by owning pillory and getting paid dividends pay no income tax? This and other taxation cuts to rich people during this seven old age were supposed to dribble down to you and me. They claimed that these rich Republicans would utilize all of that other money to construct new mills and engage more than of us to work in them.Well, are you better off now than when Bill Bill Clinton was our president? This is all so clear that I cannot understand how any workings adult male or adult female can actually claim to be a Republican. Republicans are not for you. They are for themselves - rich people. Oil companies have got the biggest net income in the history of the full world. Other energy companies and coverage companies are swelling their burial vaults with cash. Recognition card bankers can now do immense net income from people who cannot afford them because Republicans changed the law to do it almost impossible to declare bankruptcy on recognition card debt. Other Dick Cheney friends, like Halliburton and Blackwater, have got got got been given millions of our dollars as portion of the illegal and tragical war.In malice of the last two presidential elections, I have assurance that people are generally rational and have by now figured all of this out. If you are not one of these rich people, then you are not really a Republican. Vote for Democrats. -- Spike Lee Sturgeon

Saturday, November 1, 2008

U.S. House Leaders, Bush Agree on $165 Billion For Iraq War

Democratic and Republican leadership in
the U.S. House of Representatives reached understanding with the
Bush disposal yesterday on statute law to fund the warfares in
Iraq and Islamic State Of Afghanistan until President 's successor
is in office.

The measurement allocates about $165 billion for the wars,
which will fund the struggles until mid-2009. The compromise
also includes an extension of unemployment benefits that
Democrats sought and Shrub had opposed, increased educational
funding for returning veteran soldiers and exigency disbursement for states
affected by recent flooding.

The House may vote on the measurement as soon as today.

''This is a major victory,'' said White Person House Budget
Director . ''It rans into the president's priorities'' and
''lives within'' his support request.

The measurement ''gets our military personnel the support they need,''
House Republican Leader said in a statement.

Congress have been under pressure level to bring forth a measure --
without the troop-withdrawal measurements Shrub have threatened to
veto -- because the Defense Department was beginning to run
short of finances for the wars. The understanding also stops a series of
confrontations over disbursement on the struggles that began when
Democrats took control of United States Congress last year. Since then, Bush
has vetoed or Republican senators have got blocked Democratic
efforts to associate support to demands for the backdown of U.S.
troops from Iraq.

No Pull Out

This statute law doesn't demand that military personnel draw out.

''What have been going on is the three-cornered discussions
between the House, the Senate and the White Person House,'' House
Democratic Leader told newsmen yesterday. ''We're
hopeful that the Senate will go through it and the president will sign

, A spokesman for Senate Democratic Leader said ''we expression forward to reviewing the House's complete
proposal, and we will take it up quickly once we have it.''.

The House last calendar month rejected a program to pass about $163
billion for the warfares because of expostulations by Republicans angry
about not being given chances to amend the legislation.

The House did O.K. a taxation surcharge on individuals
earning more than than $500,000 per twelvemonth to pay for expanded
veterans' benefits. The new statute law includes the veterans'
programs but takes the taxation surcharge, which Shrub and
congressional Republicans opposed.

A war-spending bill approved earlier by the Senate included
about $10 billion in further domestic disbursement that was
opposed by Bush, who had threatened to blackball any measurement that
exceeds his disbursement petition for the wars.

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