Thursday, February 28, 2008

McDonalds versus Starbucks - Battle of the Titans in Furniture and Decor

Ambiance is a billion dollar business, and McDonald's is going full military unit in adopting Starbucks' Style of Furniture and Decor. In a major redesign of their complete 30,000 stores, Mcdonald's is adding leather sofas, modern-day chairs, modern lights, and a nimiety of other upscale pieces in their renovation. All this, paired with a 2nd prong onslaught on Starbucks by significantly upgrading their java quality and taste, and what we now have got is a eating house that functions all the Mcdonald's nutrient you grew up with, while fashioning a topographic point for coffeeheads to "chill", Seattle style.

Will it work? Personally, I believe it will, because a batch of people are already impressed with the new style from what I've seen, and it doesn't look to discourage Mcdonald's long-standing customers, who usually travel for nutrient or habitual grounds anyway. As a consequence of the atmosphere and improved coffee, healthy salads, and snacks, Mcdonald's is showing itself to be a serious stand-in to Starbucks. The mental image will take clip to adopt, and some people will never see Mcdonald's as an alternative, but I cognize my ain ma does. She walks the domestic dog to Mcdonald's every morning, for a cup of coffee.

Mcdonalds aggressively adopting Starbucks' style piece of furniture and interior decoration can be seen everywhere on the internet. Next clip you acquire a cup of coffee, it will do a difference if both offering you the same experience, when the java is 50% cheaper and taste sensations about the same. But then again, Starbucks' long clip protagonists may believe quality and service can never be duplicated.

Monday, February 18, 2008

In Life and Death, a Search for True Meaning

Cast adrift in the silence and purdah establish in this drowning pool of quiet, empty souls, I find

myself in a despairing demand and frenetic hunt for a life beyond this vortex, an being across

this nothingness of unearthly passions.

This life of mine, so empty, so hollow in its significance and so despairing in its demand - would

that I could decease to stop it all, I would indeed. But decease is only another door to another

realm, and there would I come in with still all the luggage I yet now claim - the same

problems, still unsolved and still there to torment me further.

What then is the answer? What then might I make to get away this quandary in which I find

myself, this shelf I straddle, overlooking a bottomless cavity I make bold not believe to fall into, no

matter how desirous such as a idea might seem.

Is all so alone here, so very quiet and so very alone. But in this solitude, my bosom does

tell me, will I happen my strength, my economy grace. It will come up only after seeking out my

peace - my peace with mankind, with nature, with a existence forever unfolding, my

peace with my soul, and then finally, with my God. For when this is done, then and only

then will my anxieties, like the walls of Jericho in years of old, crumple to put before me

in worthless pieces, trivial without their sense of cohesive integrity and wholeness.

Until that makes happen, until my mind, bosom and psyche make in this emptiness happen their

peace, their demand to continue, and a strength and desire to live, I must constantly push

myself to desire to travel on, no substance how lonely, how painful...only to just travel on. Yet

should the clip come up when I can either travel no additional or desire peace at that terms no

longer, should such as a complete and overpowering failure devour me, my human race end

and this life of mine then discontinue to exist, it will at least have got got been to my recognition that through

my hunt for this peace, this happiness, indeed, this life, where I had, for a while, been

able to set aside those problems that so flooded me and then have desired still to

want to go on and forever journeying forward as far as both physical and Negro spiritual forces

would allow, then at that point, in the thick of that failure, even then would I be at peace.

This realization, in turn, have instilled in my beingness a freshness of satisfaction, of pride, of

accomplishment. For endowed with this belief that I make all that I can, effort all that is

feasible and endeavor ever forward until that twenty-four hours when decease makes base before me, it will

forever delight me to cognize that this clip it is my God's desire to have got me, to convey me

into His light, and not my selfish, junior-grade demand to be with Him, there in the darkness.