Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Living in Mexico - What Mexicans Think About Gringos

When I was setting up an interview with a Mexican friend, he asked what I wanted to discuss. When I told him I wanted to inquire him what Mexicans be given to believe most often about Gringos, he had an contiguous reaction.

He said he thought Americans come up to United Mexican States expecting it to be just like America. They come up as tourers (and, I would add, as expatriates) expecting every single thing to work as it makes back place in the good ole U.S.A. When it doesn't, the cultural daze hits the fan in a large way.

Mind you, this is the very first thing that came out of my friend's mouth. Interesting, eh?

When I wrote my first book on expat issues, I used one phrase, "Mexico is not America," in almost every chapter. I did this laboring under the strong belief that if Americans came to United Mexican States and understood that this country, so fold yet so different, perhaps this would lodge in their minds. From the reactions I received from some readers, you would have got thought I had suggested that all Mexicans are consecutive axe-murders!

One lady from New House Of York (which assists to account for a great deal, actually) had the saddle sore to do a "Reader's Comment" about my book on my page. She told me she should come up to Guanajuato, happen me, and ache me. Others recorded remarks on Amazon and sent electronic mails suggesting I made one of the most unintelligent remarks that bordered on being retarded when I said, "Mexico is not America." The general agreement was that the statement was "self evident" and therefore unneeded to state, much less think.

A familiarisation with American Spanish American Culture makes not do you an authorization on Mexican Culture.

Massive exposure to American Spanish American civilization is not exposure to Mexican culture.

The consequence of that thought can be black when Americans move here with a "Concept" of United Mexican States in head and virtually none of the reality. Yet, I am met with threatening ill will for suggesting in my book, articles, and columns what my friend told me this morning,

"Americans come up to United Mexican States expecting it to be just like America."

This is not the first Mexican to state me this.