Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quit Your Complaining! Please

OK modern times are tough, admitted. We listen to the Judgment Day studies on the day-to-day news, everyone is talking about it. Some folks are pulling money out of the depository financial institution and squirreling it away. Others throw on hoping the newly elected president is going to moving ridge his magic wand and set an end to the worry.

If you clear your head enough from the outpouring of bad news for a couple of proceedings and recognize that there are two sides to every narrative (but the other side doesn't sell newspapers), you will recognize that there is hope for you yet. Let's research the other side, shall we?

*When Iodine was a child gas was about 50 cents a gallon, and it was better gas too!

Yes, but your auto only got 10 statute miles to the gallon and it had no safety features, except a lap strap to maybe maintain your dead organic structure with the car.

* Bread was only 25 cents a loaf of breadstuff back in the day.

They advertised that it helped your organic structure turn about a twelve ways but turns out it had zero nutrition.

*You never had a fearfulness of losing your job, you could work in one topographic point forever.

They didn't pay much, that's wherefore bread was 25 cents and gas was 50 cents.

* The terms at the large box supplies are even getting out of manus these days.

Start supporting your neighbours by shopping local so you will maintain them from going out of business, and turning those large box supplies into monopolies.

*once upon a clip you could purchase a place for $30,000.00

That same place sells for $250,000.00+ today. Nice profit!

*The grocery shop store terms are killing me.

Eat out once in a while; if you remain away from the fanciest restaurants, it can actually be cheaper than making the same repast at home, and you might maintain another neighbour from shutting their business.

I won't beat out a dead Equus caballus any longer. All Iodine inquire is that you happen a ground to smile! It's not alteration that's devising you fear, its likely fearfulness of change that's devising you nervous.

Be willing measure out of the box and make something different for a while. It's our ability to accommodate that beef ups us and do us better prepared for what come ups our way. If you're not stepping out of your comfortableness zone and doing something new each day, then you are not going to be ready when alteration is forced upon you. If things aren't changing then beware, the human race have stopped turning.

I assure you that the glass is half full and you're going to be just good (unless you would rather be miserable?).

Matthew Lombardi

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